Research and Development Programs

The company is seeking initial fundraising for continued business development activities which include the ongoing scientific research and development of the intellectual properties and conduct the Phase I Clinical Trial studies as well as the ongoing study administration management.

The company is prepared to run two clinical trial/research programs and has aligned study trial partners:

  • University of Colorado Hospital
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center

Program I

Clinical Studies of the DC-MelVac vaccine (CureVax Trial) – Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Program II

Autologous vaccine testing and expansion of MelVac Platform and Intellectual Property

The CureVax Management believes that with committed initial round funding, the objective of completing a Phase I clinical trial in humans for DC-MelVac, can be completed 18 months after the initiation of the trial.

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