The Company’s Goals and Objectives

The Company intends to seek FDA approval and designation for its lead product, DC-MelVac, as an immunotherapeutic vaccine for Melanoma. The company management team will then seek suitable pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing business partners to transfer the technology for production and development of this treatment modality in-order to maximize United States and Global markets. The company already has received written FDA-approval to test DC-MelVac in Phase 1 clinical trials. (Reference Index #7 FDA Letter)

CureVax does not intend to produce and market its own products. CureVax intends to enter into agreements with pharmaceutical companies under technology licensing and royalty agreements. The Company is now conducting a search for synergistic pharmaceutical partner(s) to support early Phase II/III clinical trials. Based on preliminary discussions with biotech pharmaceutical companies, CureVax management believes there is real interest in the company’s Intellectual Property for its MelVac platform in the immunotherapy marketplace.

The CureVax R&D team believes that the MelVac Platform can be further developed and tailored to develop new products and new Intellectual Properties.

The MelVac Platform challenges the existing paradigms of immunological research by offering a bio-immunotherapeutic vaccine that combines positive re-education of the immune system to multiple common melanoma antigens that can break tolerance. Further, the MelVac Platform promotes immune activation with a built in immune adjuvant (vaccinia virus) and an immune proliferating agent (e.g. cytokine IL-2). The Research and Development team believes that DC-MelVac when used with additional treatment modalities, such as checkpoint inhibitors, will have an even greater immunotherapeutic role in fighting an existing cancer. Further the Research and Development team believes that the MelVac Platform technology will allow for the inclusion of additional combinations of tumor antigens, delivery systems, adjuvants, and cytokines to deploy the next generation of immunotherapeutic vaccines for additional cancers, including lung and colon cancer.


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The CureVax Management believes that with committed initial round funding, the objective of completing a Phase I clinical trial in humans for DC-MelVac, can be completed 18 months after the initiation of the trial.