A Bio-Immunity Research and Discovery Company


Helping the body’s own immune system fight cancer


DC-MelVac: The Curevax vaccine against melanoma


Better treatment of cancer through innovation

Dedicated to the Fight Against Melanoma Through the Development of Safer and More Effective Immunotherapeutic Vaccines.

CureVax is a bio-immunology research and discovery company engaged in developing cancer immunotherapeutic vaccines with the initial focus on melanoma.

The CureVax MelVac platform immunotherapeutic vaccine may provide clinicians with a new weapon in the armamentarium to fight cancer, to be used together with current medical and surgical treatment techniques, with the goal of prolonging patients’ survival and quality of life.


Goals & Objectives

The Company intends to seek FDA approval and designation for its lead product, DC-MelVac, as an immunotherapeutic vaccine for Melanoma.

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CureVax Technology

CureVax is an emerging cancer treatment method in which a patient’s tumor cells are sampled, grown in the laboratory, and destroyed in a specific way to expose that cancer’s vulnerabilities.

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Research and Development

The company is prepared to run two clinical trial/research programs and has aligned study trial partners.

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